Our Team

Offering an array of services, Wild Peach Media and Technology form part of the Brettenwood Coastal Estate family providing residents with the best in technical assistance.

Using state-of-the-art Mikrotik, Inteno and Foxcom equipment and with a point-to-point fibre-optic network, Wild Peach provide a superior service!


The team have been servicing Brettenwood for the last 5 years, and have recently been awarded another 5-year contract. Providing services such as wifi setup, DSTV connections and telephone systems, all before even moving in to your home, residents can rest assured that although technology can be a little unpredictable, the service will always be of the highest calibre.

“Anyone who has moved house knows how frustrating it can be to get all electronics working however Brettenwood have partnered with Wild Peach to ensure that the move to Brettenwood is just a great overall experience,”

“We run a complete technical service; and can even provide a full-time computer specialist,“This allows residences to feel at ease knowing that if there is any sort of problem, they can just call and either we can assist them on the phone, or we will go through and see what the problem may be.”

The team includes Kreesen, Trisha, Patrick, Trishan, Innocent and Andile, all of who are professional, and friendly. “We are a fully accredited multi-choice supplier – you only get this accreditation if you have done installations at a minimum of 100 homes, showing that we have great experience. We are based on-site and therefore have a quick response time to any of the residence technical requirement/problems. We also do call-outs after hours,”

Brettenwood is one of the only estates to offer on-site technical support to its residents. The system that Wild Peach provide has been tailor-made for Brettenwood to ensure that all of their offerings are up-to-date with the latest technology. “Residents at Brettenwood rely on us to supply them with the best and so, we have made it our mission to only offer the latest and most reliable options.”

Wild Peach can also offer a ‘Brettenwood Bouquet’ which is a DSTV package suited to the residents, at a reduced cost to the full DSTV bouquet. “We do stock decoders, remotes, and other accessories to ensure that if residents experience any technical problems then they are able to assist immediately wherever possible,”

Wild Peach believe that they offer residents with the best services to make things a little easier. In light of this, a recent survey conducted showed that 95% of the Brettenwood residents view the service offered by Wild Peach as positive.

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